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50's, 60's, 70's, alyson hannigan, angel the series, animations, anthony stewart head, beauty and the beast, beverly hills 90210, bob dylan, books, brian kinney, buffy the vampire slayer, classic rock, cruel intentions, david bowie, david lynch, david strathairn, dead ringers, desperate housewives, disney, dont look back, dylan mckay, el duderino, everwood, fanart, felicity, film, folk, freddie mercury, gale harold, george harrison, giles/buffy, gilmore girls, graphics, gregory peck, harry potter series, icons, james marsters, jeff bridges, jeremy irons, joan baez, joan of arcadia, john hughes, john lennon, labyrinth, lion king, lolita (1997), luke perry, morrissey, moulin rouge, music, nostalgia, patti smith, photography, picspams, queer as folk, restless, rock, rupert giles, sarah michelle gellar, shannen doherty, sirius black, snape, spike, spuffy, stephen king, sufjan stevens, the 60s, the beatles, the big lebowski, the breakfast club, the dude, the oc, the smiths, tru calling, twin peaks, ugly betty, veronica mars, whedonverse, willem dafoe, william the bloody, ♥.

Welcome to the icon and graphic community of darkyet. Here you will find icons from many various fandoms, including tv-shows, musicians, celebrities, movies and so on. If you like what you see, feel free to watch the community. :) And for easier navigation, check out the taglist. ♥

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